Event-based Analytics of Large-Scale Web-Based Platforms

At QuaintScience, we co-authored a white-paper with PrediatorDigital, a media company based out of Singapore on the paradigm-shift in analytics from traditional web-analytics platform: Google Analytics and the new, event-based platform:  MixPanel.

Give it a read here and share your comments.

2 thoughts on “Event-based Analytics of Large-Scale Web-Based Platforms

  1. From a user perspective although I haven’t used MA … I think both GA and Mixpanel more or less the same traditional analytics on key metrics. But curious to know to what extent does MA track at individual level (is that allowed). I read else where to that Retention and Funnel data is also another huge advantage vizaviz GA … so curious.

    1. Ram, yes, MP allows for tracking specific users.
      Read http://techcrunch.com/2012/07/02/mixpanel-people/
      The other advantages that you speak of are described in the paper.
      Eventually, although both platforms are for web analytics, the difference in costing and approach allows for certain flexibilities (or lack thereof) as tools. But you’re right, the two tools have an overlap of “functionality”. The tight integration of GAP with DBM is another point that isn’t discussed in the article.

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